North Macedonia RikobanAvailable capacities and the favorable climate in the country provide great potential for fruit and vegetables with remarkable quality. The company “Rikoban” is oriented towards the purchase and sale of fresh fruits and vegetables in bulk to meet the demand in the domestic market and export and marketing of domestic products to foreign markets.

Mission: The company “Rikoban” by exploiting domestic resources available capacities and is ready to step quality in the domestic market and outside of it.

Vision: The company “Rikoban” seeks to create a recognizable brand in North Macedonia with a broad classification and entry of a growing number of foreign markets, by defining the products for which we have comparative advantage, that is the ones that will really be competitive in the market and constantly promotion of available technology.


Email: rikobanhelp@gmail.com

Viber, Whatsapp: +389-75663566
Company Manager: Riste Ilievski
Skype: Rikoban Doo
Company Address:ul. Koco Racin 31/A S.Sopot, Kavadarci

Currently we are working with companies from Poland, Ukraine, Romania.

Contact us for any fruit or vegetable price.

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